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Hard Money Lender

Fast, Reliable Funding

Salent Capital provides funding for real estate loans that enable investors to close quickly on commercial, multi-family, and investment grade residential properties.  We strive to provide a clear path towards reaching your real estate investment goals through our extensive experience and creative lending.  Our goal is to fund transactions in the most efficient way possible so that real estate investors can concentrate on what needs to happen after the loan closes. It is important that our customers have an excellent borrowing experience, both through closing and the servicing of the loan.


What we lend on

We can collateralize against any investment property in Washington and any 4+ unit or commercial property in Oregon. It can be residential, commercial, land only, agricultural and in any condition.

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Who we lend to

We can lend to individuals, LLCs, Corporations, Trusts, Estates and Partnerships. No matter what shape your business takes, we can help you get financing so you can reach your real estate investment goals.

Our standard pricing

There are no upfront fees and no prepayment penalties. Rates typically range from 8.5% to 12.5%, with 6 month to 24 month loan terms, and a 2.5% to 4% loan fee.


Our Philosophy

We believe in taking the wait time out of your real estate collateralized loan so that you can begin concentrating on your investment and making money. It is important for us to maintain positive, long term, relationships with the borrowers and brokers we work with.


We take the stress out of getting private money

for your real estate investments.


Frequently Asked Questions

In our years of closing and servicing loans, these are the most common questions we’ve been asked. As always, we are available to answer any of your questions.